HAOS/XAOΣ an exploration, Sartorial Contemporary art, London

The structured Platonic forms of Jill Rock & Richard Cardew meet the explosive paintings of Katerina Botsari.

While the paintings of Katerina Botsari gives their power openly, Jill Rock with Richard Cardew in The House Of Dreams invite self exploration within an interior deconstructed into a chaotic reality.

In Katerina's Greek roots, political chaos is open, in the air - whereas in London we live on the edge of a chaos hidden beneath the pavements. Societies which differ in the roots of their being, the open and the hidden.

A dialogue between artists previously unknown to each other finding points of departure and coming together.

 The House Of Dreams   Jill Rock with Richard Cardew 
 3 fireworks, mixed media on canvas   180x450cm 
 The House Of Dreams, installation    Jill Rock with Richard Cardew 
 three fireworks, 2010,    oil on canvas